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Color with the Eyedropper
Adding Graphics and Drawings
The object now matches the color
of the sampled color.
7 Click the border of an object that
contains text.
Note: Optionally, you can change the
color of specific text by selecting only
that text within the object.
8 Click the Home tab.
9 Click the Font Color button (
0 Click Eyedropper .
The Eyedropper pointer (
! Position the Eyedropper pointer
( ) over the color you want to
@ Click the object.
The text now matches the color
of the sampled color.
Can I sample a color from a different slide than the slide
that holds the object whose color I want to match?
No. As soon as you click on a slide in the Slide Thumbnails
pane, you lose the Eyedropper pointer ( ). You can cut and
paste the object onto the slide with the sample color, match
the color, and then cut and paste the object back to the
original slide.
Why does the Eyedropper feature not
seem to work when I click a placeholder
containing text?
The insertion point is between characters.
You must either click the placeholder border
to select the entire placeholder or click and
drag across text to select specific text.
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