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Arrange Objects with Smart Guides
Arrange Objects with Smart Guides
Symmetry on a slide is important for its look and is pleasant for the audience to view. For
example, you may want similar objects on a slide to be proportionate to and equidistant from
each other. PowerPoint 2013 introduces a new feature called Smart Guides. Smart Guides allow
you to align objects, center objects, resize multiple objects to the same proportions, and arrange
objects equidistant from each other — all in real time. You can use Smart Guides to save time while
designing an outstanding presentation.
Arrange Objects with Smart Guides
1 Insert three similar objects,
such as clip art or pictures,
onto a slide that contains a
Note: See the section, “Insert
Clip Art,” for more information.
2 Resize an object so it is a
different size from the
Note: See the sections, “Move
Objects” and “Resize Objects,” for
more information.
3 Click and drag an object until
the left edge aligns with a
A red, dashed line appears,
indicating that the object is
aligned with the placeholder.
4 Release the mouse button.
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