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Use the Grid and Guides
Use the Grid and Guides
There are times when you may need a guide to help you line up objects on a slide. PowerPoint offers
a feature that helps you position and align objects with precision. The grid looks like graph paper
lines on your slide; guides run across the entire slide and can help you line objects up with details on
the slide background. You can also adjust the granularity of the grid. If you need to make small, fine
positioning, you can make the distance between gridline points small, or make the distance large for
easier alignment. You can also have objects snap to the gridline for easy and fast alignment.
Use the Grid and Guides
1 In Normal view, click the View tab.
2 Click the check box to enable (
Gridlines .
3 Click the check box to enable (
Guides .
4 Position the mouse pointer ( ) over
the Guide until it changes to the
mouse splitter ( ).
5 Click and drag the Guide to move it
in a position to align two objects.
6 Click the dialog box launcher (
The Grid and Guides dialog box
7 Click the check box to enable (
Snap objects to grid .
A You can change the spacing of the
B You can click the check box to
disable (
) Smart Guides.
8 Click OK.
Objects will now snap to the
Gridlines as you move them.
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