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Nudge Objects
Nudge Objects
You may want to move an object by very small increments. For example, you may want two objects
to touch, but not overlap. Using the mouse to perform delicate and precise movements can be
tricky, yet these small details can be important to a presentation. Nudging is a feature that moves
objects by small increments using keystrokes. The nudge feature enables you to move a selected
object incrementally to the right, left, up, or down on the slide. You can use nudging together with
the gridlines and guidelines feature to align objects perfectly.
Nudge Objects
1 In Normal view, select an
2 Press , , , or as
many times as needed to
nudge the object in the
desired direction.
This example presses the Up
arrow 20 times to move the
object up one gridline, a
distance of one-quarter inch.
3 Click outside the object to
deselect it.
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