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Align Objects
Align Objects
You can align objects relative to each other quickly and easily for a picture-perfect look. For
example, you can align several objects at the same position as the leftmost object, or you can
distribute objects evenly relative to one another. With the advent of Smart Guides, this feature may
seem antiquated, but it is not. It allows you to align many objects perfectly with a couple of clicks,
as opposed to the Smart Guides feature, which performs alignment in a very convenient way, but
only one object at a time.
Align Objects
1 Select multiple objects.
Note: See the section, “Select
Objects,” to learn how to select
multiple objects.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format tab.
3 Click the Align button (
4 Click Align Bottom .
The bottoms of all the
selected objects align with
the bottom-most object.
5 Click Distribute
Horizontally .
The objects distribute evenly
A You can click Align to Slide
( appears on the menu) to
make the objects align with
the edges and center of the
slide as a reference.
B You can click Align Selected
Objects ( appears on the
menu) to make the objects
align with each other.
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