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Flip and Rotate Objects
Flip and Rotate Objects
Sometimes when you combine several shapes to create a more complex graphic or you want a
picture to appear more dramatic, you can rotate it. For example, you may have a triangle shape as
a hill with a clip art car going up the hill. PowerPoint enables you to rotate an object 360 degrees or
quickly flip it horizontally or vertically to accomplish that dramatic effect. The Picture Tools Format
tab offers all of the flip and rotation tools, but you can also click and drag to rotate the object.
Flip and Rotate Objects
Flip Objects
1 Click an object to select it.
2 Click the Picture Tools Format tab.
3 Click the Rotate button ( ).
Note: For SmartArt, you must first click
Arrange after clicking the SmartArt
graphic and before clicking Rotate .
4 Click Flip Horizontal .
The object flips horizontally.
Rotate Objects
1 Click an object to select it.
2 Position the mouse pointer (
over the rotation handle (
changes to
3 Click the handle.
The rotation pointer ( ) changes to
the rotation movement arrows ( ).
4 Drag clockwise or counterclockwise.
When you release the mouse, the
object stays at the new angle.
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