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Embracing the Animation Pane
Embracing the Animation Pane
D esigning and running animations can be a complicated business, and it is nice to have a central
place from which to do it. PowerPoint provides you with a handy tool called the Animation
pane to help you manage animations. The Animation pane allows you to reorder the animations,
see what objects they move, view and set the duration of the animations, and set the trigger for
each animation. You can also perform these tasks on the Animations tab of the ribbon. Click the
Animation Pane button on the Animations tab to show the Animation pane.
A Animation List
PowerPoint lists each
animation in the order
that it runs; each
animation is attached
to an object, which is
also listed. Green items
are entrance animations,
yellow items are
emphasis animations,
and red items are exit
B Animation
Position the mouse
pointer ( ) over the
animation to view its trigger and name.
C Duration Bars
These bars show the timing and duration of each
animation. Position the mouse pointer (
D Sequence Numbers
These numbers correlate with the sequence numbers
attached to the objects. Click either number to
select the animation.
E Animation Settings
Click the down arrow (
) over
the bar to view the duration time.
) on any animation to
change its settings.
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