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Apply an Animation
Enhancing Slides with Action
Apply to Bullets
1 Select a placeholder with bullet
points, or click the border to select
the entire placeholder.
Note: See Chapter 10 to learn how
to select objects.
2 Click the Animations tab.
3 Click the down arrow (
) in
the Animations group.
4 Click an entrance transition.
This example chooses Fly In.
C You can click these menu items
to see more animations.
D PowerPoint applies a sequence
number to each bullet on the
During the slide show, one bullet
point will fly onto the slide every
time you click the mouse button.
How do I use the different types of animations?
Typically, you would not use multiple entrance or exit animations on the same object, or even a single
entrance and exit on the same object. For example, if you want to substitute a new car for an old car, you
would start with the old car on the slide. Maybe next, you would use some entrance animations to fly in
some bullet points explaining that you are swapping cars, and drive the new car onto the slide. Then you
would use emphasis animations to make the new car glow and the old car teeter. After that, an exit
animation could make the old car fade off the slide.
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