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Preview an Animation
Preview an Animation
You can see each and every animation in your presentation simply by running the slide show, but
if you are working on the animation for a slide, previewing animations in Slide Show view is not
very convenient. To be efficient and effective, you need a way to look at the animation while on
the slide you are designing. You can see the animation on individual slides in Normal or Slide Sorter
view. Previewing the animation of a slide enables you to verify that the animation works as expected
and is appropriate for the slide’s content.
Preview an Animation
1 Select a slide with animation
in Normal view.
Note: You can also preview
animations in Slide Sorter view.
2 Click the Animations tab.
All of the animation
sequence numbers appear.
3 Click Preview .
PowerPoint runs all
animations on the slide.
A In this example, the car flies
in from the right.
Note: You can also preview
animations by running the entire
slide show. See Chapter 15 to
learn how to run a slide show.
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