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Add an Animation
Add an Animation
You can apply different animations to different objects on a slide, and you can also apply multiple
animations to one object. This enables you to make an object perform a variety of movements,
creating a complex special effect. For example, you can have a ball bounce onto the slide, grow
larger, do a spin, and then glow or pulse. Simple is usually best, so try not to create too much
complexity. Impress your audience with your showmanship and your design abilities!
Add an Animation
1 Select an object that already
has an animation.
2 Click the Animations tab.
3 Click Add Animation .
The gallery of animations
A Use the scroll bar to see
more animations.
4 Click an animation.
B An additional sequence
number appears.
In this example, the object
has two animations that
will run sequentially. The
Teeter animation will run
second because its
sequence number is 2.
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