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Change Animation Effects
Change Animation Effects
PowerPoint gives you the flexibility to choose the motion of an animation. For example, the Fly
In animation can bring the object onto the screen from any direction. For complex objects made
from multiple parts such as SmartArt, the animation can appear on the screen as one piece, in pieces
simultaneously, or in pieces at separate times. You can move a shape and its text separately. You
have complete control over the animations, which gives you almost unlimited possibilities.
Change Animation Effects
1 Select a slide with animation in
Normal view.
2 Click the sequence number of the
animation you want to change.
3 Click the Animations tab.
4 Click Effect Options .
The gallery of effects appears.
5 Click an effect from the gallery.
Note: For objects with multiple pieces,
there are two additional options: All at
Once and By Paragraph. Click All at
Once to have multiple pieces move
independently but at the same time.
Click By Paragraph to have multiple
pieces appear separately.
PowerPoint changes the effects for
the animation.
A To change the actual animation,
select a different animation from
the Animation gallery.
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