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Change the Animation Trigger
Change the Animation Trigger
Something must trigger an animation to run, and you can determine what that trigger is. The
trigger can be the appearance of the slide on the screen, it can be you clicking anywhere on the
slide, or it can be you clicking a particular object on the slide. You can also trigger the animation to
run with or after another animation. The default trigger is clicking the slide, but you can change it
to any of the other triggers. Clicking the slide or an object on the slide gives you complete control
over when the animation runs.
Change the Animation Trigger
Standard Trigger
1 Click the Animations tab.
2 Click an animation.
3 Click the Start down arrow (
4 Click a start option.
This example chooses After Previous,
which means that the animation will
automatically run after the previous
animation ends.
A On Click runs the animation when you
click the slide.
B With Previous runs the animation
simultaneously with the previous
Note: To run the first animation
automatically when the slide first appears,
set its trigger to With Previous.
C The sequence number becomes the
same as the animation that triggers it.
D Note the timing change.
Trigger with Click of Object
1 Click Trigger .
2 Click On Click of .
3 Click an object name.
The animation will now run when you
click that object during your slide show.
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