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Modify Animation Timing
Modify Animation Timing
Sometimes you want things to happen quickly, while other times slow is better. You can modify
the duration of your animation — duration is the amount of time the animation runs from
beginning to end. You can also change the delay time between the animation’s trigger and its start.
For example, if you set an animation’s trigger to Previous Animation and the Delay to one second,
the animation will start one second after the previous animation ends. This flexibility enables you to
be very exact while creating an effect that will have maximum impact on your audience.
Modify Animation Timing
1 Click the Animations tab.
2 Click Animation Pane to open the
Animation pane if it is not open.
3 Click an animation.
The trigger of the selected
animation is After Previous.
A This animation’s sequence number is
the same as the previous animation
because its trigger is set to After
Previous, which means the previous
animation triggers it.
4 Click the Duration spinner ( ) or
type a number into the text box to
adjust the length of time that the
animation runs.
5 Click the Delay spinner ( ) or type
a number into the text box to adjust
the delay between the trigger and
when the animation starts.
6 Click Preview .
This example sets the duration to
2.00, and the delay to 1.00. The
third animation will now start after
a 1-second delay and last for 2
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