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Reorder Animations
Reorder Animations
After applying multiple animations on a slide, you can change the order in which the animations
play on the slide during your presentation. You can arrange the order of the animations in many
ways. You can even run an animation of one object, then an animation of another object, and then
more animations of the first object. Each bullet on a placeholder can be animated, and you can treat
them as a group or individually when reordering animations. When you run the slide show, each
bullet appears on the slide individually.
Reorder Animations
1 Select a slide with multiple
2 Click the Animations tab.
3 Click Animation Pane if it is not
4 Click an animation.
5 Click an order option for the
This example selects Move Earlier.
A The animation moves in the list.
This example moves the animation
earlier in the list.
B Note that the bullets are grouped,
so the animation moved ahead of
the entire group. You can move
the animation in between bullets
by clicking the chevron ( ) to
ungroup the bullets, and then
clicking the Move Earlier or Move
Later buttons.
6 Click Preview .
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