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Add a Motion Path
Add a Motion Path
When you animate an object bouncing onto the slide, the shape and length of the bounce are
determined by the animation. If you want more versatility than that, you can use a motion
path, which is another kind of animation. With a motion path, you determine the object’s location
on the slide, the starting point of the animated movement, and the ending point of the movement.
The object’s location on the slide and the starting location of the motion path do not need to be
the same.
Add a Motion Path
1 Click an object.
2 Click the Animations tab.
3 Click the Animation down
arrow ( ).
4 Click and drag the scroll bar
to the bottom to see the
motion paths.
A Click More Motion Paths to
see all motion paths.
5 Click a motion path.
The motion path appears.
B The green and red markers
indicate the beginning and
end of the motion.
6 Click the motion path if it is
not selected.
7 Click Effect Options .
8 Click Edit Points .
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