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Apply a Transition
Apply a Transition
A transition is the act of going from one slide to another, and it offers yet another opportunity to
add variety to your presentation. With transitions, you can vary the way a slide appears, such
as fading from one slide to the next. You can apply a transition in Normal or Slide Sorter view to
a single slide, multiple slides, or all slides. You may want to use the same transition throughout
your presentation, or mix it up and use various transitions on different slides. Applying the Random
transition tells PowerPoint to randomly apply a different transition to each slide in your presentation.
Apply a Transition
1 In Normal view, select the slides
to which you want to apply a
Note: See Chapter 10 to learn how
to select objects.
2 Click the Transitions tab.
3 Click the Transitions down
arrow ( ).
The gallery of transitions appears.
4 Click a transition.
PowerPoint applies the transition
to the selected slides.
A The transition icon ( ) appears
beside the slide’s thumbnail.
B You can click Effect Options to
change the direction of the
transition movement.
C You can click Apply To All to
apply the transition to all slides.
5 Click Preview to see the transition.
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