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Remove a Transition
Remove a Transition
Sometimes while designing a presentation, you may apply a transition and then decide that it just
does not work. As you experiment with various transitions, you need to know how to apply them,
as well as how to remove them. Using too many transitions in a presentation can be distracting for
your audience, so if you decide your presentation is too complex, you may want to remove some of the
transitions. PowerPoint enables you to remove any transition in your presentation easily and quickly.
Remove a Transition
1 Select a slide with a transition
in Normal or Slide Sorter view.
Note: See Chapter 10 to learn how
to select objects.
2 Click the Transitions tab.
3 Click the Transitions down
arrow ( ).
The gallery of transitions
4 Click None .
PowerPoint removes the
transition and the transition
icon disappears from the slide.
A You can click Apply To All to
remove transitions from all
slides in the presentation.
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