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Advance a Slide after a Set Time Interval
Advance a Slide after a Set Time Interval
When you run a slide show, you can use one of two methods to advance from slide to slide. You can
advance slides manually by clicking the slide, or you can set a timer that automatically advances
to the next slide after a set amount of time. For example, if you are showing a presentation with
pictures of a house, you may want to advance the slides automatically every ten seconds while you talk
about the house. You can change these settings in Normal view, but Slide Sorter view is preferable.
Advance a Slide after a Set Time Interval
1 Select a slide with a transition
in Slide Sorter view.
Note: See Chapter 10 to learn how
to select objects.
2 Click the Transitions tab.
3 Click the After check box
( changes to ); this makes
the slide automatically
4 Click and hold the spinner
( ) to set a time interval.
A The time interval appears
under the slide.
B If you leave the On Mouse
Click check box selected (
you can also advance the
slide by clicking your mouse.
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