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Add a Transition Sound
Add a Transition Sound
You can apply a sound to one or more slides in a presentation to accent important points. When
used appropriately, transition sounds highlight important information during a slide show. For
example, you may want applause when the slide that shows the top three sales representatives
appears. Use transition sounds sparingly because the sounds will have greater impact, drawing
attention to the most important information. Using transition sounds on too many slides can ruin
the impact of using sounds. Using the same sound repeatedly also reduces its impact. You can apply
a sound without using a visual transition.
Add a Transition Sound
1 Select a slide with a transition
in Normal or Slide Sorter view.
Note: See Chapter 10 to learn how
to select objects.
2 Click the Transitions tab.
3 Click the Sound down
arrow ( ).
4 Click a sound.
Note: You can select [No Sound]
from the menu to remove a sound
from a transition.
PowerPoint applies the sound
to the transition.
5 Click Preview to hear the
Note: Preview is available only if
you apply a visual transition to
the slide, not just a sound.
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