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Insert an Action Button
Enhancing Slides with Action
The Hyperlink to URL dialog box appears.
9 Type in the text box.
0 Click OK.
B You can click the Play sound check box and select
a sound from the list. The sound will play when you
click the action button during the slide show.
! Click OK.
@ Click the button during the slide show.
C The default browser opens the Microsoft
web page.
My web page address is long. Is there a better way to
enter it in the text box besides typing it?
Yes. Open your web browser and browse to the web page that
you want to open during the slide show. Select the URL and
What if I want to change what an
action button does?
Right-click the action button and then
click Edit Hyperlink . This displays the
Action Settings dialog box, where you
can make your changes.
to copy the address. Edit the action button
and then press
to paste the URL into the text box.
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