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Insert a Picture
Insert a Picture
If you have an image file stored on your computer, such as your company logo or a picture of
your product, you can insert the image into a PowerPoint slide. It is common for PowerPoint
presentations to have pictures in them. You can insert pictures into a placeholder using the Insert
Picture icon in the placeholder, or you can insert a picture directly on a slide to give you more
versatility when you work with it. After you insert an image file, it becomes an object on your slide.
To learn how to move, resize, and format objects, see Chapter 10.
Insert a Picture
1 Select a slide in Normal view.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Pictures .
The Insert Picture dialog box
4 Select the folder containing
the file you want to insert.
5 Click the file.
6 Click Insert .
A The image appears on your
slide. Size and position the
image as needed.
Note: To learn how to position and
resize objects, see Chapter 10.
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