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Add a Border
Add a Border
Some clip art has transparent backgrounds, but sometimes the background of the picture or clip art
does not blend with the background of the slide. After you insert a picture, you may want to set
it apart from the rest of the slide by adding a border to it. A border makes the picture crisp, and also
helps it stand out from other items on the slide and makes a clear break from the background of the
slide. You can format the border by changing the thickness, making it something other than solid, or
converting it to a different color.
Add a Border
1 Click a picture.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format  tab.
3 Click Picture Border .
The gallery of borders
4 Click a border color.
A The border appears around
your picture.
5 Click Picture Border .
6 Click Weight .
7 Click a border thickness.
The border thickness
B You can click Dashes to
change the border to
something other than solid
such as dashes or dots.
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