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Adjust Brightness and Contrast
Adjust Brightness and Contrast
You can adjust the brightness and contrast of a picture in PowerPoint to maximize its visual
impact. Many times, a picture is not perfect when you take it, or it does not show well on a
screen. Brightness indicates how bright or dark the entire picture is. Contrast indicates how well
you can see shades and colors against each other in the picture. Typically you want the picture
to be bright and have high contrast because then it is easy for the audience to see. Adjusting the
brightness and contrast may be all the picture needs to look good.
Adjust Brightness and Contrast
1 Click a picture.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format  tab.
3 Click Corrections .
The gallery of corrections appears.
4 Click a Brightness/Contrast
option from the gallery.
A You can also apply a Sharpen/
Soften effect.
B You can click Picture Correction
Options for more detailed options.
PowerPoint adjusts the brightness
and contrast.
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