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Adjust Color
Adjust Color
Conditions outside of your control can affect a picture that you take with your camera. PowerPoint
saves you the time and effort of performing color corrections in another program because you can
do it right in PowerPoint! You can adjust the color of your pictures to make them pleasing to the
eye, or recolor them for interesting effects. For example, you may want a picture that is monochrome
in a color that matches the color scheme of your presentation. Standard color variations are
determined by the theme of the presentation, but many other variations are also available.
Adjust Color
1 Click a picture.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format  tab.
3 Click Color .
The gallery of colors appears.
4 Click your choice of Color
Saturation , Color Tone , or
Recolor options.
This example selects a
recolor option.
PowerPoint adjusts the color.
Note: Color Saturation
determines how much color is in
the picture and varies anywhere
from black and white to a lot of
Note: Color tone affects the
actual color — for example, a
change in color tone may give
the white items in your picture a
slightly yellow hue.
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