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Crop a Picture
Crop a Picture
A picture often contains things that you would rather not have in the image. For example, you may
have a picture of a few friends, but only want the face of one particular friend in the picture.
You can crop a picture so that the main subject of the picture fills the entire image. When you resize
a picture, the objects in the picture change size accordingly and proportionately — you simply
change the size of the picture. Cropping trims the edges from a picture in the same way as cutting
them with a pair of scissors.
Crop a Picture
1 Select a picture.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format tab.
3 Click Crop .
Black crop marks appear
around the picture.
4 Position the mouse pointer
) over a crop mark
changes to
5 Click the crop mark
( changes to ).
6 Drag the crop mark inward to
remove a part of the picture.
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