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Crop a Picture
Incorporating Media
When you release the mouse
button, you can see both the
original picture and the
cropped picture.
7 Click Crop .
PowerPoint crops the picture.
8 Move and resize the picture if
Note: See Chapter 10 to learn
how to move and resize objects.
Can I crop a picture to an interesting shape?
Yes. There are two ways to crop to a shape. The first way is to click a picture and then click the Picture
Tools Format tab. Click the Picture Styles drop-down arrow ( ), and then click an option from the gallery.
This method also includes a picture effect such as a picture frame. The second way is to crop to a shape
without a picture effect, click the Picture Tools Format tab and then click the Crop drop-down arrow ( ).
Click Crop to Shape and then click one of the myriad options from the shapes gallery; the picture crops to
that shape.
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