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Remove the Background from a Picture
Remove the Background from a Picture
You may want to remove the background of a picture so you can work with just the main subject of
the picture. Using the Remove Background feature in PowerPoint, you can remove the background
from a picture easily and simply, and superimpose the remaining image onto a slide background or
possibly another picture. This automated feature helps you avoid the inconvenience of importing the
picture into PowerPoint after using a separate program to remove the background.
Remove the Background from a Picture
1 Select a picture.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format tab.
3 Click Remove Background .
The background becomes
magenta and PowerPoint
automatically attempts to
detect the object in the
foreground. A marquee with
handles appears.
4 Position the mouse pointer
over a marquee handle
( changes to ).
5 Click and drag the marquee
handle (
changes to
to resize the marquee.
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