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Remove the Background from a Picture
Incorporating Media
6 Repeat Steps and with the 5
various marquee handles until
PowerPoint detects the foreground
object that you want.
Note: Very small adjustments to the
marquee help PowerPoint determine
the object that you want in the
7 Click Keep Changes .
A To escape without saving
changes, you can click Discard
All Changes .
PowerPoint removes the
background and only the
foreground subject remains.
How can I include or exclude an image detail?
You can fine-tune the detected object. To add an area for inclusion:
1 Click the Mark Areas to Keep button in the Refine group.
2 Click and drag across the magenta area that includes your detail.
A PowerPoint includes the detail and marks it with a plus sign.
To erase the mark so that the detail is excluded, click the Delete Mark button,
and then click the mark.
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