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Compress Pictures
Compress Pictures
Image and picture files can be very large. When you insert them into your presentation, your
PowerPoint file also becomes large. This can slow the performance of your slide show presentation
as well as performance while designing your presentation. You can improve performance by
compressing image files, which has little impact on their quality. PowerPoint gives you the ability to
determine how much compression occurs, thereby determining how much the compression affects the
quality of the image. Compressing pictures permanently changes the images — you cannot reverse
those changes.
Compress Pictures
1 Select a picture.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format  tab.
3 Click the Compress
Pictures icon (
The Compress Pictures
dialog box appears.
4 Click to disable (
Apply only to this
picture so all pictures in
your presentation are
5 Click Screen ( changes
to ) for a resolution you
can show to an audience
with a projector.
6 Click OK.
PowerPoint compresses
the pictures.
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