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Using Layout Effects
Using Layout Effects
You may want to organize and compare several pictures on one slide. You can make pictures look
sharp by combining them with SmartArt Graphics, which is much more attractive than arranging
the pictures on the slide with a list of bullet points. SmartArt Graphics enable you to combine
pictures in many interesting groupings, and then apply text to the individual pictures or the entire
group. You can also apply a workflow or hierarchy to pictures using SmartArt Graphics — using
pictures in this way can give the audience an immediate impression without you saying a word.
Using Layout Effects
Apply a Layout
1 Select pictures in Normal view.
Note: To select multiple pictures,
click the first picture, and then
while clicking additional
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format tab.
3 Click Picture Layout .
The gallery of picture layouts
4 Click a picture layout.
PowerPoint applies the
SmartArt Graphics picture
layout to the pictures.
Note: See Chapter 5 to learn how
to edit and change SmartArt
Graphics and how to enter text
into SmartArt Graphics.
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