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Using Layout Effects
Incorporating Media
Change a Picture
1 Click a picture.
2 Click the Picture Tools
Format tab.
3 Click the Change Pictures
icon ( ).
The Insert Pictures dialog
box appears.
4 Click From a file .
The Insert Picture dialog
box appears.
5 Click the folder containing
the picture file.
6 Click the picture.
7 Click Open .
A PowerPoint changes the
picture to the image you
Can I change the order of the pictures?
Yes. Click a picture in the SmartArt layout, and then
click the SmartArt Tools Design tab. Click either
Move Up or Move Down and the order of the picture
changes accordingly.
Can I add another picture holder?
Yes. Click the SmartArt layout, click the SmartArt
Tools Design tab, and then click Add Shape . You
can also move a picture from one side of SmartArt
to the other; click the SmartArt, click the SmartArt
Tools Design tab, and then click Right to Left .
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