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Insert Video and Audio Clips
Insert Video and Audio Clips
You can enhance your slide show by inserting video or audio on a slide. A video clip can provide
endorsements, testimonials, or instructional pieces that can be helpful during a presentation, or
you may want to include something interesting or funny. An audio clip can play interesting sounds,
such as applause, during a slide, or you can play an audio clip as background audio during several
slides or even the entire slide show.
Both audio and video clips use this same procedure, except when you insert audio, a megaphone
icon appears on the slide instead of a video.
Insert Video and Audio Clips
1 Select a slide in Normal view.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Video or Audio .
4 Click an option in the
drop-down menu.
This example chooses Video
on My PC .
The Insert Video or Insert
Audio dialog box appears.
5 Select the folder containing
theĀ file.
6 Click the file.
7 Click Insert .
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