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Insert Video and Audio Clips
Incorporating Media
The video or audio appears
on your slide.
Note: You can size and position a
video as needed. To learn how to
position and resize objects, see
Chapter 10.
A The Control bar appears when
you position the mouse
pointer ( ) over the clip.
8 Click the Playback tab.
9 Click Play (
changes to
B You can click anywhere on the
slide to jump to any part of
the clip.
C You can click the Forward ( )
and Back ( ) buttons to jump
forward or backward 0.25
D You can use the Volume button
( ) to adjust the sound.
0 Click Pause (
changes to
The video or audio stops playing.
Can I play the video in full screen
during the slide show?
Yes. To make the video play full screen,
click the video, click the Video Tools
Playback tab, and then click the Play
Full Screen check box (
Starting the video is cumbersome during the slide show.
Can I make it smoother?
Yes. On the Video Tools Playback tab, click to enable (
Hide While Not Playing , click to enable ( ) Play Full
Screen , and then click the Start down arrow ( ) and select
Automatically . Now the video plays full screen and starts
automatically when the slide appears, plus you do not see it
when it is not playing.
) in the Video Options group.
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