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Record an Audio Clip
Record an Audio Clip
You can bring interesting sound effects into your presentation with audio clips. You can draw
your audience into your slide show by playing audio at just the right time during the show. For
example, you may want applause when a slide with sales figures appears. You can also use a longer
audio to play sound for several slides, or maybe background music for the entire slide show. You can
record an audio clip in PowerPoint and insert it directly to a slide without using different software to
record it first. Bring excitement to your slide show by recording your own audio directly to a slide.
Record an Audio Clip
1 Select a slide in Normal view.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Audio .
4 Click Record Audio .
Note: You need a microphone
attached to your computer to
perform this task.
The Record Sound dialog box
A Click Cancel to abort the
recording and discontinue
insertion of the audio.
5 Click the Name text box.
6 Type a name for your
7 Click the Record button (
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