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Record an Audio Clip
Incorporating Media
8 Record your audio into the
9 When you are finished, click
the Stop button (
0 Click the Play button (
) to listen to
your recording.
B You can click the Record button (
) to
continue recording additional audio.
! Click OK when you complete your recording.
@ Click the Audio Tools
Playback  tab.
# Click Play (
changes to
The audio plays.
C You can use the Volume
button (
) to adjust the
Can I change the megaphone icon to something
Yes. Click the megaphone icon and then click the
Audio Tools Format tab. Click the Change Pictures
button ( ) in the Adjust group and use the Insert
Pictures dialog box to insert a picture as described
in this chapter.
What is the Play in Background button?
The Play in Background button enables the audio
clip to start automatically when the slide appears.
The audio does not stop — it plays across multiple
slides, looping until you stop it or the show ends.
These settings appear as check boxes on the Audio
Tools Format tab.
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