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Trim Video Clips
Incorporating Media
5 Click and drag the red marker
where you want the video
to end.
The video frame that plays
at that time appears in the
6 Click OK.
The dialog box closes and
PowerPoint trims the video
to your specifications.
7 Click the Video Tools
Playback tab.
8 Click Play (
changes to
to view the trimmed video.
What is the Fade Duration?
The Fade Duration fades the beginning or end of
the video; you can use it only when you trim the
video. The length of time the fade effect lasts is
determined by the time you set in the Fade In and
Fade Out text boxes. The effect gives your video a
soft feel.
What is the Hide While Not Playing feature?
The Hide While Not Playing feature hides the video
if it is not playing. You need to start the video
automatically, because you cannot manually start
the video when it is hidden. This feature is
convenient because the video clip hides after it is
done playing, so you can show the rest of the slide.
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