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Trim Audio Clips
Trim Audio Clips
You may have an interesting part of a song to play for your audience, or a clip from an interview
to share with them, but you do not want to play an entire audio clip for them. You might have an
audio clip that you recorded and inserted directly onto a PowerPoint slide, but it needs to be shorter.
In any of these cases, you can trim an audio clip directly in PowerPoint to make it the perfect length
for your purpose. This handy feature saves you the inconvenience of trimming the audio clip in a
different program and then importing it into PowerPoint.
Trim Audio Clips
1 Click an audio clip.
2 Click the Audio Tools
Playback  tab.
3 Click Trim Audio .
The Trim Audio dialog box
4 Click the slide where you
want to listen to the audio.
Note: Do not click the slide if
you want to start listening from
the beginning.
5 Click the Play button
changes to
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