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Trim Audio Clips
Incorporating Media
6 Listen and find where you
want to trim the beginning
and end of your audio.
7 Click the Pause button
changes to
) to stop
the audio.
8 Click and drag the green
marker where you want to trim
the beginning of the audio.
9 Click and drag the red marker
where you want to trim the
end of the audio.
0 Click OK.
The dialog box closes and
PowerPoint trims the audio to
the length that you specified.
! Click Play ( changes to )
to listen to the trimmed audio.
Note: Trimming an audio clip is
reversible. Repeat this process to
reverse it.
What happens when I set the Start setting to
You can start both audio and video clips in two
ways. You can start them when you click them, or
they can start automatically when the slide appears
when you set Start to Automatically .
How does the Play across Slides option work?
When you enable ( ) Play across Slides , an audio
clip plays until it ends, even if you advance to other
slides. If you do not want the audio to end, enable
) Loop until Stopped .
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