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Insert a Screenshot
Insert a Screenshot
You may want to show something from your computer in a slide show. For example, you may want
to take a screenshot of an SAP data entry screen to show why users are having difficulty entering
information into a data entry form. You can take a screenshot of an open window or a section of the
computer display and insert it onto a slide without leaving PowerPoint. The screenshot feature is a fast
and convenient way to take a snapshot of something on your computer and put it into a presentation.
Insert a Screenshot
Choose an Open Window
1 Select a slide in Normal view.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Screenshot .
The Available Windows
gallery appears. Windows
that are open, but not
minimized, appear in this
4 Click a window in the gallery.
PowerPoint inserts the
window screenshot onto the
Note: Only windows that are
not minimized appear in the
Available Windows gallery. If you
want to take a screenshot of a
window, it must be restored or
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