Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Insert a Screenshot
Incorporating Media
Choose a Section of the Screen
1 Repeat Steps to in the 3
previous steps.
The Available Windows gallery
2 Click Screen Clipping .
The PowerPoint window
disappears, showing whatever
is under it. The mouse pointer
( ) changes to the crosshair
pointer ( ).
3 Click and drag across the section
of screen that you want in your
The PowerPoint window
reappears and the screenshot
appears on the slide. You can
size and position the screenshot
as needed.
Note: To learn how to position and
resize objects, see Chapter 10.
When I use the Screen Clipping option, how do I
get the correct screen?
PowerPoint shows you what is directly under it when
it minimizes. Minimize all active windows on your
computer and then use the Windows taskbar to
restore the window of interest — if you want your
Desktop, restore nothing. Now restore PowerPoint
and perform the Screen Clipping process.
How do I take a screenshot of two or more
Minimize all windows. Restore and arrange the
windows you want in the screenshot. Restore the
PowerPoint window and click the Insert tab. Click
Screenshot , and then click Screen Clipping . Click
and drag across the windows with the crosshair
pointer (
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