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Create a Photo Album
Create a Photo Album
You can set up slides so that they advance automatically, and you can also play an audio clip
across slides and have it loop indefinitely. This is a perfect scenario to show a photo album. You
can create a photo album and then show it like any other slide show or set it up to flip through the
pictures automatically, complete with background music! You can create an especially nice photo
album to share pictures with family and friends with the professionalism that PowerPoint affords
you. The procedure described here creates a new presentation.
Create a Photo Album
1 Click Insert .
2 Click the Photo Album
drop-down arrow ( ).
3 Click New Photo Album .
The Photo Album dialog
box appears.
4 Click File/Disk .
The Insert New Pictures
dialog box appears.
5 Click the folder that holds
your picture files.
6 Click pictures that you want
in your photo album while
pressing to select
multiple files. All selected
pictures appear in the photo
7 Click Insert .
The Insert New Pictures
dialog box closes.
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