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Send a Presentation for Review
Send a Presentation for Review
You may want to seek feedback on your presentation before you give a slide show. A second
opinion helps because another viewer can spot errors you missed or suggest improvements.
You may want another person to check your facts, validate technical advice, or verify procedures.
You can e-mail your presentation to others for review and the reviewers can add comments to the
presentation and then e-mail it back to you. You then have the information you need to make your
presentation as good as it can possibly get.
Send a Presentation for Review
Send the e-mail
Note: These steps assume that
your e-mail program is properly
configured to work with other
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Share .
3 Click Email .
4 Click Send as Attachment .
An e-mail message window
5 Click the To text box and
type the recipient’s e-mail
6 Click the message pane and
type text for the message.
7 Click Send .
The application sends the
e-mail with the presentation
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