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Send a Presentation for Review
Finalizing a Slide Show
Receive the e-mail
1 After you receive a file back
from a reviewer, open the
2 Right-click the PowerPoint
3 Click Save As .
The Save Attachment dialog
box appears.
4 Click the folder that you
want to contain the file.
5 Click the File Name text box.
6 Type a name.
7 Click Save .
The e-mail application saves
the PowerPoint presentation.
You can now open and review
the presentation.
When I e-mail a presentation for review, what
does the recipient need to do?
The recipient needs to open the presentation in
PowerPoint in order to review it. That person
can click the Review tab, and then click the New
Comment command to add comments. PowerPoint
adds the reviewer’s initials and a number to each
What can I do if my recipient cannot open my
PowerPoint 2013 file?
Try saving the file in a compatible format with older
PowerPoint versions. To save in a compatible format,
click the File tab, and then click Export . Click Change
File Type , and then click PowerPoint 97-2003
Presentation in the Presentation File Types list.
Continue to save the file as you normally would.
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