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Protect a Presentation
Finalizing a Slide Show
The Confirm Password dialog box
8 Click the Reenter password text box.
9 Type the password.
0 Click OK.
A PowerPoint protects the presentation.
! Click Close .
@ Open the presentation.
PowerPoint asks for the password.
How can I remove the password?
You go through the same process as
when you add a password. However,
when the Encrypt Document dialog
box appears, it displays an encoded
password. Delete the encoded password
and click OK. The presentation then
becomes unprotected.
What is the Mark as Final item on the Protect Presentation
The Marked as Final feature shows you and others that the
presentation is finished and ready for presenting. The Save command
is no longer available and PowerPoint places an icon in the status
bar indicating the final status. When you open a presentation with
this status, a message appears, informing you of the status. You are
given the option to edit and save the presentation.
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