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Save a Presentation
Save a Presentation
After you create a presentation, you should save it for future use. You should also save the
presentation often while working on it to avoid losing any changes. Saving a PowerPoint file
works much like saving any other Microsoft Office program file: You need to specify the location
in which to save the file and give the file a name. If you want to save a presentation that has
previously been saved, you can click the Save icon in the upper-left corner of the PowerPoint window
to quickly save it.
Save a Presentation
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Save As .
3 Click Computer .
4 Click Browse .
The Save As dialog box
5 Click the folder where you
want to save your file.
This example saves to My
6 Click in the File name text
box to select the text and
then type a filename.
A You can click and drag the
scroll bar to find more folder
B You can click New folder to
create a new folder.
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