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Add and Delete Comments
Finalizing a Slide Show
6 Click an object on the slide.
7 Click New .
8 Type the comment text.
9 Press .
B A comment marker appears
on the object.
0 Position the mouse pointer
) over a comment.
The Delete icon (
! Click the Delete icon (
PowerPoint deletes the
I noticed some misspellings in the
comments. How do I change them?
Select a comment by clicking either the
comment marker or the comment in the
Comments pane. Click the text once to
select all of the text, and click again to
insert the insertion point in the text.
Edit the text and press
Why do some comment markers overlap a little and
others overlap almost completely?
Comment markers that overlap almost completely are
comments and their replies, which are grouped tightly, and
when you click these markers, they are all selected. Comment
markers that are grouped loosely and barely overlap are
different comments on the same slide or object — you can
select them individually.
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