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Review Comments
Review Comments
A presentation with comments in it is like a printout with sticky notes on it. You can page through
the presentation file, read the individual notes, and decide whether to make any changes based
on them. You can then delete (throw away) individual comments as you review them or delete all
comments on a slide or in the presentation. You can also show or hide comments — that way, you can
design your presentation without distractions, but come back to comments at a later time if needed.
Review Comments
1 Select a slide with a
comment in Normal view.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click Show Comments .
4 Click Show Markup .
5 Click Show Comments .
6 Click Comments Pane .
The Comments pane and all
comments appear.
7 Click a comment marker.
The comment appears
selected in the Comments
8 Click a Reply text box.
9 Type a reply.
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