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Review Comments
Finalizing a Slide Show
A Note that the comment and
its reply are grouped
! Click the Next Comment
button ( ).
Note: You can use the Next
Comment ( ) and Previous
Comment ( ) buttons to move
from one comment to another, as
well as from slide to slide.
PowerPoint moves to the
next comment on the next
B You can click the Collapse
icon ( ) to collapse a
C You can click the Expand
icon ( ) to see a collapsed
I noticed that some of my comments say Author
on them. Why is that?
If you view comments on the same computer where
you created the comments, PowerPoint uses the
word Author to denote who made the comment,
thereby avoiding any confusion with names.
Can I print comments along with my handouts?
Yes. Comments and comment markers print by
default when you print slides. However, there is an
option to hide them during printing if you do not
want to print them. This option is in the drop-down
list where you select the slide layout for the
printout in Backstage view.
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