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Select a Show Type and Show Options
Select a Show Type and Show Options
You should have no surprises during your slide show, so before you run it for an audience, you
should check the settings so you know exactly what will happen when you run it. These settings
include the type of slide show, whether the slide show repeats continuously, whether you want to
use narration and animations, and the pen color for annotations made on the screen during the slide
show. These settings allow you to configure the slide show to your particular needs so you are as
comfortable as possible during the slide show.
Select a Show Type and Show Options
1 In Normal view, click the
Slide Show tab.
2 Click Set Up Slide Show .
The Set Up Show dialog
box appears.
3 Click an option to select
whether you want a
speaker to present your
slide show, a person to
view it on a computer,
or many people to view
it at a kiosk (
4 Click either the Manually option
(slides advance with a mouse click)
or click the Using timings, if
present option (
changes to
Note: This setting only has an effect
if you set any slide timings. Timings,
such as setting a slide to advance
automatically or after you rehearse
timing the show, do not work if you
set this option to Manually.
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