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Select a Show Type and Show Options
Finalizing a Slide Show
5 Click one or more options to
select whether you want your
show to loop continuously, run
without narration, or run without
animation (
changes to
6 Click the Pen color button (
and select a color from the
7 Click the Laser pointer color
button ( ) and select a color
from the palette.
Note: See Chapter 15 to learn about
Pen annotations and the Laser
8 Click OK.
PowerPoint applies your
new settings and closes
the dialog box.
9 Click the Save icon (
to save the settings.
Why would I want to show my presentation
without animation?
Animations are fun, but on computers lacking
adequate resources, they may run slowly and delay
your show. If you are using an older computer to
present your show, preview it to be sure that
animations run smoothly. If they do not, change
this setting to avoid any problems.
What is a loop and why would I use it?
Looping is a term for running media, such as songs
or videos, over and over again from beginning to
end. If you plan to show your presentation at an
informational booth or kiosk, where people may
stop, watch a bit, and then move on, you probably
want the presentation to loop.
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